Technology, Flexibility and Adaptability: Keys for Tackling a New Future

Technology, Flexibility and Adaptability: Keys for Tackling a New Future

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The only consensus we have today is that nothing will ever be the same again, but we have not yet agreed on what that upcoming new normality will look like. It’s normal, it’s new for everyone.

At WOOM, we see the future with optimism despite the uncertainty; we know that the key to success and growth is the companies’ flexibility and capacity to adapt quickly to a changing world, as well as to changing demands and needs. 

It is true that as any great startup, from the very beginning we have characterized ourselves by our ability to react and adapt, whether it be due to our users’ demand for a high-quality product, the market’s own requirements or the need to modify business models to make us live longer. It is not an easy world, but it is an exciting one. 

We are clear on the fact that the future requires a purely technological nature, where algorithms based on neural networks will provide women with a unique and personalized experience, which will be most beneficial in helping them make the best possible decisions. When a woman understands her body better, she increases her own well-being and health, which has a direct impact on prevention, boosts resource efficiency in both public and private health services, and prompts a quicker resort to doctor visits when necessary.



Our commitment  to our partners and our clients in the area of women’s health and well-being is equally strong. In addition to providing them with real-world insights and studies that help them better understand the market in order to develop the best solutions to make a difference in women’s health and well-being, we are  committed to providing access to technologies that offer real-time information and flexibility to successfully face the upcoming future.

This different way of facing our new reality will be much stronger and more powerful thanks to not only a solid partnership with pharmaceutical, insurance and mass-consumption service providers, but also the help of the medical community, health community, and tech companies such as WOOM.

Never before have we been so close to creating an unprecedented impact on society and health through flexible, digital and solidly science-based technology systems. 

Clelia Morales

Co-foundadora de WOOM Fertility. Madre de Thessa y de Isabel.

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